Monday, August 11, 2008

A Bear, a Bull & a Flea

Being a former international fashion model, I often find myself sitting on the very cutting edge of fashion & design. This past year in Spain - in fact yesterday was my one year anniversary in the hola-land! - has been no exception and I confess that I've been completely smitten with the creations of a company from Pamplona called Kukuxumusu.

Kukuxumusu - which means 'the flea's kiss' in Euskara, (the
Basque language) - has been around for almost 20 years and the company got its start during the 1989 San Fermin fiesta ... what we think of as the Mother-of-All Running of the Bulls festivals. Story has it that 3 friends, Gonzalo, Koldo and Mikel, wanted to earn some drinking money for the fiesta, and so they began designing very quirky t-shirts.

The rest is history.

Among the many things that has made
Kukuxumusu successful is its upside-down world wherein bulls get the better of humans and an octopus falls in love with an ink-squirting fountain pen so it's no surprise that an almost anatomically-correct bull by the name of Mr. Testis would eventually become their mascot. In the world of Kukuxumusu, you can even find bears doing things that bears normally don't do, which modesty prevents me from describing in too much detail (although consenting individuals over the age of 18 can see here).

Yesterday, my bipedal attendants, my newly appointed god-bipedal attendants (which makes me wonder if my bipedal attendants are planning on giving notice) and I found ourselves enjoying Happy Hour piña coladas in Tarifa's old
town. Tarifa is one of a handful of cities in Spain to have an exclusive Kukuxumusu store and needless to say, when Mister Testis - who just happened to be ambling through the old town - recognized me he came running toward me and gave me a big - well not bear hug - but a big bull hug. Then of course everyone had to take a picture of us: the iconic spokes-animal of Spain and the world's most famous former international fashion model and freelance Good Will Ambassador. We had to pose for hours (and sadly, my piña colada got warm) but one can't disappoint The Public.

I think my head is as big as his testicles.

Kukuxumusu's creations are available outside of Spain but I think that next month, when my bipedal attendants and I leave Spain, we'll all be (unofficial) Kukuxumusu ambassadors to the world - because god knows they've bought enough of t-shirts, coffee mugs, fans, sun hats and hip flasks this past year. Clearly I need to lower their allowance.

(Unofficial) Kukuxumusu ambassador to the world ... I think I'll start updating my c.v. now.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gray Bear
It looks like the bull is squeezing you too hard. I hope he didn't hurt you.
Did he have fleas?

Grey Bear said...

He did knock the wind out of me but thankfully, he didn't have any fleas!

Carissa said...

Keep up the good work.