Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where am I?

I've been housebound for the last few days - my bipedal attendants have promised to take me on an outing tomorrow, although I'm not holding my breath - but the nifty thing is that we now have a new adopted home. Of course, I miss my god-bipedal attendants back in Italy a lot but maybe they - and even my female bipedal attendant's mother - will come visit me here:

Did you guess where I am? I thought it was a pretty good clue. If not, maybe this will help you (although it's not 100% accurate, but pretty close). Remember to turn your speakers up!


Anonymous said...

Dear G.B.
You poor thing. Aren't you getting tired from living out of a suitcase?
I hope you have loads of adventures in your new home.

Grey Bear said...

Hi Anon: I actually don't have a suitcase but I do have a knapsack. It's not very big but it can still hold my fez, my pith helmet, my leopard-spot boxer shorts, and if I squish really hard, my red hoodie. I make my bipedals carry my Venice boater and my Carnevale mask in their suitcases.

Poker Rooms said...

Lost labour.